YouLoop Portable Passive Magnetic Loop Antenna for HF and VHF


Includes 1x YouLoop balun “Tee”, 1x Coax Inverter Connector, 2x 1 meter semi-rigid coax loop cables, 1x 2m semi-rigid coax feedline.

This is a super portable passive HF/VHF loop antenna designed for super low NF/MDS receivers like the Airspy HF+ Discovery. It also works to some extent with the RTL-SDR V3 in direct sampling mode if you enable RTL AGC. But for radios without super low MDS specs, the signals can be boosted on by using any external low cost HF amplifier, or even our wideband LNA. The receiving range is 10 kHz to 30 MHz on HF, and up to 300 MHz on VHF.

Note: This antenna is designed for portable use and is not weatherproof. Permanent mounting can be achieved with weather proofing tape.

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